Hello my lovely inspirits~

I'll answer your questions, but only if you promise to love me solely.

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yea 2 pick up chicks

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Anonymous said: no srsly tho what if woohyun and/or any of the infinite members found your artwork omg

prayer circle that that doesn’t happen

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Thank you for telling me! I asked them to source it as ask-namu, but I haven’t heard back yet. It’s not big deal, but I still feel a bit  meh  about it.

Please do not post artist’s art without properly crediting them. It’s ridiculous that it has to be said so many times, and being friends with a lot of artists, I know it happens a lot. It’s just disrespectful. We put time into these ((silly)) things and post them to put smiles on your faces, and it’s unfair that so many artists have to fear their work getting reposted. Please don’t do that, not just for my things, but for all artists. It makes us very sad and I do not want to be sad.

I hope all of you have a nice day.

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